Alba Residences @Cairnhill

One of the standout features of our residential project at Alba Residences is undoubtedly the breathtakingly spacious layout and lusciously curved walls that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the entire house. 

The curvature of the wall structures creates the flow and fluidity of long corridors for a breathtaking view every time one walks into the house. Guests will feel welcomed and be guided into the heart of the home with these graceful and elegant curved walls. The high ceiling and vertical walls were further accentuated by the slender mirror reflective trims.

The custom metal structure incorporates premium multi-tier built-in display shelving, a wine cellar, and other kitchen appliances, all in one place!

Quality wine storage means the collection can be preserved properly for years to come with coolers set at different temperature zones to accommodate whites and reds. Beautiful ambient lighting illuminates the display shelves, directing the guests’ eye to the owner’s finest wine collection.

Rich in sumptuousness and the characteristic ostentation of the Middle East, our Alba Residence project is truly an example of magnificence and elegance, based on modern interior style.

The materials used for each detail were thoughtfully selected to create this showstopping living space with luxurious finishes and rich color tones. The veining on the bookmatched natural marble slab in Invisible Grey Antic also creates a magnificent, striking effect on the ambiance of the living space.

The sliver leafing details on the curved ceiling, combined with a soft cove light glow, were designed to match the richness of the TV console wall.