Aspen Heights

The clever use of a neutral and soft color palette on the walls, flooring, and cabinetry allows the luxury soft furnishings and decorations to be the main heroes of the spaces, achieving a calm and sophisticated Modern Victorian home, punctuated with a few contrasting furniture pieces, such as the dark grey marble stone table, black rattan console, and dark wood mirror.

The lovely combination of wall strip molding was skilfully executed parallel to the ground, dividing the grey-white wall. The details that make up every corner of the home are well-thought-out to ensure no space is neglected and underutilized. Our homeowner’s favorite framed artwork also works perfectly with the furnishings to create this modern Victorian master bedroom.

Nothing can go wrong with a timeless, all-white kitchen. White marble slabs with great attention to detailing and the wainscot paneling on the kitchen cabinets elevate the kitchen’s timeless appeal. There are too many features to love here.