The Crest

A brilliant articulation on the inside was a mix of saturated colors and stunning texture to create a subtle and elegant effect.

The details of the carpentry work play a huge role in enhancing these contemporary spaces and making them intimate and comfortable.

The full gray wall lined with grooves draws the eye directly to the irregularly framed mirror and its reflection.

This project is the epitome of the importance of bespoke, custom-made carpentry and cabinetry. Keeping what’s necessary and subtracting what’s not keeps the house neat and organized. To provide balance, the house combines warm tones, woody textures, and a touch of greenery.

Perfectly concealed, full-height fluted panel doors hide rooms and eliminate the need for door handles.

The lead designer of this project took on a timeless design approach that emphasizes enduring aesthetics, and high-quality materials creating space that stands the test of time.