Watermark @Robertson Quay

The beauty of a monochromatic scheme is its timeless appeal.

They go well with neutral palette colors like bronze-gold, green, and red-brown. The foundation of Black-White-Grey Monochrome interiors give our homeowners the design flexibility to use accent colors and textures to reflect their personal style. 

In this project, the satin bronze acid-etched mirror built-in cabinet, olive leather chairs, and copper light fixture add warmth and character to the dining area. A burnt orange reflective backsplash and dark walnut cabinetry add vibrancy and depth to the kitchen space.

With well-blend and sleek lines, the use of non-reflective and reflective mirrors adds dimension to a space, making it feel more expansive while concealing the massive storage space.

Skylights fitted in the sloped ceiling allow a natural flow of light without compromising privacy, illuminating this beautiful Jack and Jill bathroom.

The charming contrast between black marble tiles, a white quartz vanity top, and a warm grey floating vanity cabinet gives harmony and cohesiveness to the entire master ensuite.