Master Bedroom

While ensuring a seamless integration of the design style into the bedroom, consideration was given to the comfort and functionality of the space for both couples.

Using the same leather finishing as the bedroom, this sizable closet space is designed to maximize usage, as it comes with areas for hanging clothes, folded clothes, jewelry display and drawers.

The customised headboard strikes a delicate harmony between lavish elements and subtle detailing, ensuring an elegant look without excess opulence.

The bedside tables with detachable trays were designed with flexibility in mind. In consideration of their utility, marble tables were designed for placing glasses and bottles.

Home Theatre

Designed for a pair of accomplished actors, this home theater serves as a secure haven for them to enjoy their work. The warm and exceptionally charming projector-screen cinema is enveloped by soundproof walls, ensuring an immersive experience, whether they're working or relaxing.