Living Room

The living room is the perfect area for our homeowners to not only spend time together and unwind after work but also a great area to host their friends.

A spacious curved multi-seater sofa seamlessly follows the contours of the walls, creating a comfortable and welcoming space for conversations.

Various viewpoints were explored when designing TV wall design. Design elements such as lines, shapes, and angles were meticulously considered to craft a visually comfortable and intriguing space. The incorporation of contrasting black marble and the warmth of wooden textures was chosen to infuse a sense of welcoming ambiance.

Dining Room

To establish a focal point in the dining area, a custom-designed unique-shaped glass dining table was fabricated.

The table features a one-of-a-kind pedestal base, providing storage space beneath it and allowing the tabletop captures full attention.

When not in use, the low-lying stools and benches can be neatly stowed away, preserving a sense of continuity and flow throughout the space.